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When it comes to hair color, many people pass the opportunity by because they either think that they don’t need color or because they are afraid of what the end result will look like. Granted, if you have never had color, taking that first plunge can be daunting.
But color does not have to be so scary, and even subtle changes can make a big difference in your style. The bottom line is that color is for everyone, and you could be passing up many benefits that you don’t know about when you choose not to color.
Here are just a few benefits that color can bring to your style:
Added Body – Every time you color your hair, you add body and manageability. This is because color plumps up each individual hair strand, which makes your style appear fuller and thicker. Hair color also strips your hair of chemical and mineral deposits that can strip the life and body from your hair.
Added Shine – Even if you choose a clear color or one that is close to your natural color, you can get a great deal of shine from coloring your hair. You see, shine is attributed to two things: vibrant color and healthy hair. And the truth is that you can have extremely healthy hair that does not shine because your natural hair color is a dull or mousy color that does not capture light. By adding subtle tones, though, you can bring shine to your mane like you’ve never seen before.
Dimension – When you color your hair, you create subtle undertones and overtones that add dimension to your style. You can create a lot of drama and dimension by adding chunky highlights or add just a touch by adding color to a few strands here and there.
And if you have gray hair or are starting to see a sprinkle or two around your temples, you’ve probably noticed that your graying hair is coarse and stubborn. This is because gray hair is of a coarser, straighter texture than your naturally colored hair. But if you color gray hair, you can get back some of the manageability that was lost along with your natural color.
In addition to these benefits, many people choose to color their hair because it is fun. There is simply no better way to change your look and style than by getting a new cut and color job. And color is only temporary. If you don’t like it, you can change it.

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